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15 Great Nail Art Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner. We are decorating our homes with spooky decorations and buying tons of candies and bars. Everyone is searching for a perfect costume, and maybe someone has already found the one. And do you know what will be a perfect match to your Halloween costume? That’s right, make-up, but what else? Of course a manicure! You will be a Queen of the Night if you choose to make something special with your nails, using nail polish and best nail art brushes.

I’ve been looking for hours for the best nail art ideas for Halloween at Pinterest. And here is what I found:

Simple nail art ideas for Halloween

There is no better manicure than the simple one. This rule can be applied to Halloween nail art too. Use simple techniques to create perfect manicure for holiday. Get inspired with simple nail art ideas for Halloween below.

  • Frankenstein nails 

Do you want to get a simple and stylish manicure for this Halloween season? Try Frankenstein nails. This manicure is easy to copy and you don’t need special skills and equipment to recreate it. Your nails will look fabulous.

  • Ghost nails 

If you prefer black and white colors, I’ll suggest you try ghost nails for Halloween days. Don’t these ghost faces look cute and spooky at one time? To create it perfectly, use special nail art brush. If you don’t have one, you can use a make-up brush or artistic paintbrush as well.

  • Spooky eyes nails

Another great nail art idea for those who love simple black and white manicure for Halloween. Its recreation doesn’t take a lot of time. Paint your nails in black color and add two little spooky eyes on your ring fingernails. For a better look, fix manicure with top coat.

  • Bloody fingerprints nails

If you are a fan of Dexter or CSI series, you will like this bloody fingerprints nails a lot. The process of creation is a little bit messy, but you will have fun. At first, paint your nails with a white nail polish and dry them. Then starts “the hard” part, you will be needed to paint one fingerprint with red nail polish and live stamps on the nails. That’s it, the bloody fingerprints nails are ready. A little hint, if you are going to the party, try fluorescent nail polish for fingerprints.

  • Mix them all

You know that Halloween is a holiday of imagination and creativity. So if you don’t have a lot of time for complicated and futuristic nail art, you can easily mix all ideas above. You will get a perfect simple manicure for Halloween. Don’t Frankenstein and spooky eyes look fun together?

Scary nail art ideas for Halloween

Some people don’t like scary movies, some like a lot. This part I created for latter. If you like spooky designs, horror movies, and mystery, you will enjoy the next nail art ideas. I gathered together the scariest ideas on Pinterest, so be attentive, maybe now you’ll find the perfect idea for your Halloween manicure.

  • Clown nails

Do you remember Stephen King’s “IT” movie? I remember this Pennywise clown till today. If you are a fan of King’s art, decorate your nails with the scary clown. The idea requires some time, but it is worth it.

  • Halloween attributes nail

Every Halloween movie includes the following attributes: spiders, bats, cemeteries, ravens and webs. Decorate your nails with them, in black and white color and you will rock that night. A little hint, use matte and glance nail polishes to create a structure like at the picture. Looks really scary.

  • Jack-o-Lantern nails

We usually decorate our porches and homes with Jack-o-Lantern on Halloween. But what about decorating nails with this holiday hero? Decorate every nail with scary Jack’s face, use your imagination and your nails will look spooky this Halloween.

  • Cemetery nails

What is Halloween holiday without cemetery? Scary grave with crosses, night owls and ravens. These cemetery attributes can inspire you to decorate your nails. I think this Halloween nail art idea is the scariest one.

  • Spiders nails

Do you know how many people are afraid of spiders? Approximately 60% of Americans are scared about these little friends. Decorate your nails with them, add a little bit of blood, and your nails will be the scariest on this Halloween holiday.

Cute Nail Art ideas for Halloween

If you are not a fan of scary theme, but like Halloween holiday season, I’ll suggest you the next nail art ideas. There won’t be spooky spiders or cemeteries, only friendly and cute Halloween attributes.

Want to get a cute manicure for Halloween? Add a little bit of glitter. To distinguish it from the everyday manicure, add a little spider web on the ring fingernails. As I promised – no spiders, only web 😉


  • Friendly ghosts

These little cute ghosts remind me of Casper. Isn’t it a good idea to decorate your Halloween nails with little friendly ghosts that shout “Boo!”? Take a deep blue glitter nail polish as a base, it will look like a night sky with a million of starts.

  • Monsters nails

These pretty monsters will look fabulous on your nails on Halloween night. It will be a great idea to make each monster unique, use your imagination and your favorite colors. Let your nails be a Monsters INC for a day 😉

  • Ghost and Candies

Do you want a girly manicure on this Halloween? Try this idea! Candy corns, pretty girl-ghost, and orange glitter look like a perfect combination for every girl who likes Halloween season. This nail art idea has a lot of little details, so it will be better for you to have nail brushes.

  • Classy style

If you are not a fan of ghosts, candies, and spiders on your nails but want some cute manicure for Halloween night, try this classy black and orange nail art idea. It looks amazing and you can wear it not only on Halloween holiday.

Have a perfect Halloween night, my lovely readers. Remember to use crystal nail files, they are the best. And let me know, which of the ideas you like the most in the comment box below.



Nathalie Czar

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