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Half of Ya’ll Lives is the #Bowwowchallenge


Rapper Bowwow was caught yet again stuntin for the gram. In case you haven’t heard Atlanta based rapper, Bow Wow posted a photo of  a private jet to his instagram page before boarding a flight to NYC for a press run for his upcoming reality show ‘Growing up Hip Hop ATL’.

A passenger who happened to be on the flight with him snapped a photo of him, and he was not on a private jet. The rapper was on board a commercial flight headed from Atlanta to NYC.  Bow Wow tried to clear it up via instragram stories saying the photo The Shade Room posted was an old photo and people are too dumb and will believe anything. It was far too late through these contradicting photos, the #bowwowchallenge was born.



Ever since the rapper was caught in this lie people all over social media have been creating memes using photos pretending to be living a more full filled and luxurious life than in reality.


If Bowwow is living a delusional life aren’t many of us who believe the ridiculous lies the media throw at us daily. For example Kim Kardashian’s butt inflation and her attempts at defending it and telling anyone who asks that she was born with her butt. She’s been telling this lie for years. Her sister Kylie who fails to admit her body transformation surgeries. Kylie markets her lipstick line based on her surgically inflated lips. #Bowwowchallenge


The countless instagram models who filter, and photo shop their waist lines to look slimmer and more attractive. The ‘models‘ who receive butt injections, lipo, and breast implants to create the ‘perfect body’, lies and says they achieved this look by dieting and exercise. That same model goes on the make thousands and even millions off of their exercise videos, flat tummy teas, and waist trainers. Isn’t that what the movie “Legally Blonde” touched on. How an attractive exercise guru, who made millions from selling her exercise videos was on trial for killing her husband but couldn’t give her alibi because at the time of his murder was getting liposuction. That truth would completely discredit her entire business.




The thousands of bank scammers who posts pictures of stacks of money with ‘Hard work pays off‘ as their caption. A group of young NYC men were recently arrested for having an elaborate bank scam operation that went on for years before being caught. The men deposited faulty checks into newly opened bank accounts. They would then with draw the money and have the account holder report to the bank of fraudulent activity and then close the account. Everyone would get paid and they would repeat the operation over again at different banks with different people. #Bowwowchallenge



The way countless non black musicians rip off black culture to sell music and fail to give credit to the originators. #Bowwowchallenge

Or the NYC fashion blogger named Shaniqua Jordan who’s known to her followers as @SimplicityxStyle seemed to have such a luxurious lifestyle through the lens of social media, what seemed to be a successful fashin brand brand, she would wear designer clothes like GUCCI and Prada. The jig was up once  she was recently arrested a month ago for identity theft and for allegedly purchasing  an $18,000 Rolex and other items racking up a bill over $37,000. MTO reported the story and after the news broke her instagram account has since been deactivated. #Bowwowchallenge 






How many of us know people or have friends who embellish the truth or just flat out lie about their realities in hopes of making others jealous? I definitely know people like this.


With the explosion of social media and the importance photographic evidence has become to our daily lives today there is no wonder why the average person has mastered the art of creating an illusion. It’s no longer about the truth but about alluding you to believe what ever I choose. All you need is to post a photo to say you’ve been there and done that. No further evidence is needed.





The average person has learned how to get the perfect angle in a photo literally and in their lives figuratively in order to create an illusion of extreme fulfillment and luxury. We all scroll through Facebook and social media’s braggadocios statuses and photos of new cars, statuses of enjoying vacations, luxury dinners and the infamous #lifeisgood hashtags. These folks fail to uncover the struggle to get approved for that car loan, or how they settled for the base model of that particular car because anything more would’ve been out of their price range, or how their car was purchased from an un-certified used car dealer, or how their vacation sucked because they had food poisoning or the entire time or their travel buddy was a Debby Downer. We’ve all been there especially on vacation with someone who’s only purpose seemed yo ruin the mood. #Bowwowchallenge


Of course we’re not going to air out our dirty laundry on a daily basis.  If we did what fun would the use of social media be?

Feeding our egos wouldn’t be fulfilled if people told the truth and opened up about their realities via social media. Social media should be called ‘Ego food’


I can remember my brother telling me about one of his Facebook friends posting a photo of herself on vacation but a few hours later he saw the same girl walking down the street, not a beach in sight. #Bowowchallenge


There was a time when the only people who could pull this off were entertainers, movie stars and people with the luxury of having direct access to publicists and the manipulation of public opinion through the media. With the addition of our own mini versions of a media platform  at our finger tips its quite simple to manipulate people’s perception of you.



As a blogger myself, I have constant interaction with many people in the entertainment industry this happens quite often. I can quickly notice when someone is using social media to persuade others into believing they’re a bigger deal than what they truly are. I actually peeped one person who would check into a very popular magazine company weekly as if she worked there. Of course in the beginning I thought it was legit until clicking on the business page and seeing how the Facebook page was a fake business page for that magazine company, the legitimate page was actually a verified account with millions of likes. The fake page had merely a few hundred likes and hadn’t been updated in almost a year.  #Bowwowchallenge


Don’t get me wrong much of the job of the media when it comes to advertising is to present a certain perception whether it’s true or false, many media outlets use their influence to sway public opinion in their desired direction. Whether its to purchase something, or vote for a certain person. Some outlets even order fake comments underneath posts to help in further convincing you on what to believe. Although the original purpose of media sources was to tell the truth, lately that goal has changed. It seems to be more about projecting an opinion onto people rather than allowing the people to make up their own minds.





But when in the case of Bow Wow who’s been caught twice for posting fake photos  it just further exposes his extreme insecurity on his financial status. When people whom we know such as the phony fashion blogger, bank scheme crew, or the fake magazine employee the same truth emerges. All of these people are wrapped up in trying to maintain a facade through social media, when in fact their real lives are full of lies, deception and trying to stay one step ahead of the truth. Playing on others insecurities was once a great marketing tool for advertisers but has now become the average person’s way of life through social media. #Bowwowchallenge



The fact of the matter is that we all know someone whose insecurities with their current situation shines through in embellished social media posts.  And we live in a time where perception is put at a higher value than reality. In some instances we all participate in the fake-ness of social media to some extent, whether its posting a filtered selfie, or bragging about your latest big purchase. We all do it, but we should try our best to keep it at a minimum. in conclusion Let’s not throw stones of we all live in the glass house of social media. #Bowwowchallenge







des hadley

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