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Angela Yee to Launch Her Own Radio Show on Power 105.1

Goodbye, Breakfast Club, or at least goodbye to the way we currently know the 13 year old radio show.

Radio personality, Angela Yee is leaving the Breakfast Club to start her own syndicated radio show on Power 105.1. Fans began speculating after Yee sent out a vague tweet yesterday evening tight before 9pm, “The breakfast club as you know it is over 🫶🏽.” This tweet left us all wondering if the widely popular, radio show was getting canceled.

To everyone’s surprise Yee herself along with her cohosts Charlemagne and DJ Envy released the news that Yee will be heading up her own radio show this Fall. “They approached me at iHeart … and told me that they are gonna give me my very own show,” said Yee on the air this morning. Certain specifics have yet to be released but we do know that the show will be syndicated, Yee will be the host, it premieres this Fall and will air after The Breakfast Club’s 6am-10am time slot and her Breakfast Club role will be replaced once she begins her new show. One final last detail, the show will be called “Way Up with Angela Yee.”



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  • Mandy Fard

    18.08.2022 at 02:42 Reply

    I love the name “Way Up with Angela Yee.” Anthing that is uplifting for women and personal development. Wishing Ms. Yee much success with her own new show and career.

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