Urban Girl Mag | Carmelo Anthony Fathered a Love Child Which Lead to Breakup from Wife
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Carmelo Anthony Fathered a Love Child Which Lead to Breakup from Wife

It is being reported that Carmelo Anthony has allegedly fathered a love child by a New York stripper.


Yesterday news stories were circulating that Lala Anthony has moved out of their family’s home because of the couple’s separation. News is circulating today that the reasons behind the separation is following a woman’s claim that she’s pregnant with Carmelo’s baby, Yikes!


There are no photos or names revealed of the alleged stripper but she’s reportedly 6 1/2 months pregnant.




The couple faced some controversy a few years ago when New York rapper Maino’s child’s mother went on the internet calling Lala a home wrecker after she caught her with the rapper. Days after this news broke Lala and Carmelo appeared in intagram together in a cute video showcasing their love for one another.



After 7 years of marriage the 2 have separated, but there are no talks of divorcing yet. The couple share a 10 year old son together named Kiyan.



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