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The Premiere of A Thousand and One Brought Out NYC’s Most Notable Celebrities

Celebrity friends stepped out to support the star-studded red-carpet premiere for the highly anticipated Sundance award winning film, A THOUSAND AND ONE on March 27, 2023, at the AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9 in NYC.  Starring Teyana Taylor, written and directed by A.V. Rockwell. A Thousand and One is a powerful film centered in the heart of New York touching on heart-wrenching topics including family, love, gentrification and more.

Teyana Taylor took to her Instagram to share highlights and share key moments of the night with her celebrity friends. Read below to check out some of the cast, producers and celebrity guest that were in attendance for this star-studded evening.

Cast / Producers in Attendance:

 Teyana Taylor (cast), A.V. Rockwell (writer/director), Lena Waithe (producer), Will Catlett (cast), Josiah Cross (cast), Aven Courtney (cast), Aaron Kingsley Adetola

  (cast), Eddie Vaisman (producer), Julia Lebedev (producer), Rishi Rajani (producer)

Celebrities Guest in Attendance:

Alicia keysJim JonesFabolousa$ap fergDave EastJoey BadassMaino, and more.



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