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Carmelo’s Side Piece May Not be a Side Piece or a Stripper After all

This week has definitely been a whirl wind for the Anthony family. Reports have been heavily circulating about Carmelo and Lala Anthony calling it quits. After news surfaced of Lala moving out of their home and into her own NYC apartment because her husband Carmelo impregnated a stripper everyone began speculating who the mystery woman was.



According to conflicting reports the woman isn’t a stripper at all. Her name is Mia Burks, she resides in Chicago and she has a Master’s degree in communications from Northwestern University. Burks is 25 and is allegedly 6 1/2 months pregnant.




Yesterday Carmelo’s publicist released a statement saying “Lala was married, I wasn’t”… Yikes! That’s got to hurt he’s basically dismissing their 7 year marriage.







Lala Anthony out in Tribeca NYC with no wedding ring in sight





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