DJ Olivia Dope Uses Music and Visuals as her Protest to Police Brutality | Urban Girl Mag
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DJ Olivia Dope Uses Music and Visuals as her Protest to Police Brutality



Dj Olivia Dope uses her art of sound and visuals to protest police brutality.

In a choreographed dance video the Harlem, NY based dj dances to Janet Jackson’s “The Pleasure Principle”. As Olivia dances you will notice flashes of Eric Garner, Terence Crutcher and the countless number of other black Americans killed on film at the hands of police pop up on the screen throughout the video.



Initially while watching the video one may be a little confused of the intent but after a few seconds the message starts to become transparent. Olivia said one of her reasons for making this video was to celebrate the greatness of black culture.



“I just want to be another bright light for a dim period to be Black in America. I want to celebrate how great we are day in and day out regardless of the devastating pains we endure throughout our lives. The best point of view I can speak from is one of a Black Woman,” Olivia stated.


“Our incredible strength, beauty, tenacity, innovation, resiliency, talent, and that MELANIN… Oh that melanin. The composition of the Black Woman cannot be matched. With that, I wanted to celebrate our greatness with a compilation of songs that celebrate Black Girl Magic and dance concept videos to match my love for my sisters.
I hope everyone enjoys this project as much as I loved creating it.”


Watch Olivia Dope’s video below

Pleasure Principle – Olivia Dope Edit from ShotByBoogie on Vimeo.

The original video is below




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