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Was Jess Hilarious Fired from the Breakfast Club?

The public is speculating and drawing their own conclusions on whether Jess Hilarious was fired from The Breakfast Club before she could begin her permanent co-host position. The Breakfast Club has been searching for a co-host to replace Angela Yee for about a year now. Following Yee’s exit Charlamagne and Envy have been rotating the guest co-host seat with potential talent to fill the position, while allowing the public to decide. Anyone who has listened in or watched on Youtube during this time can see that Charlamagne took a liking to Jess Hilarious above the all other guest co-hosts.

The Breakfast Club listeners assumed Jess had the position once she made an unofficial announcement at The BET Awards over the summer, following her unofficial announcement she was booted from the show, but towards the end of the year she came back as a guest co-host. At the end of 2023 Jess Hilarious made another unofficial announcement at an event, the video surfaced on social media and the blogs stating that she would be the permanent co-host on The Breakfast Club. In the new year when the show returned, to everyone’s surprise Jess Hilarious was not seated on the show as a co-host, Angela Yee’s seat remains vacant. This now has everyone speculating if Jess Hilarious was fired due to her repeatedly unofficially announcing herself as the next permanent co-host. iHeart Radio or Power 105.1 has not released a statement about Jess Hilarious. Check back for future updates.


Charlamagne Expresses Disappointment in Jess Hilarious not Getting Hired as the Permanent Co-Host on the Breakfast Club #thebreakfastclub #jesshilarious #djenvy #power1051

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