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The Breakfast Club Gives Atlanta Radio Station Donkey of the Day for Dropping their Show

News broke on Friday that according to source, The Breakfast Club is being dropped from Atlanta’s 105.3 The Beat’s lineup. The awkward thing is, the hosts, Charlamagne, DJ Envy and Jess Hilarious found out the same way everyone else did, from the internet. They weren’t warned or given a heads up on the rumored decision from 105.3 The Beat’s executives. Jess Hilarious said she thought it was due to her not being able to read well enough on air. As of Monday, April 15th Atlanta listeners confirmed that they were still able to listen to the popular morning show. Regardless of them still being aired across Atlanta airway, Charlamagne still found it necessary to give the executives at 105.3 The Beat the Donkey of the Day, because according to him this is the most disrespectful way to find out you’re fired.

The Breakfast Club is syndicated in over 100 markets, and has about 8 million listeners. According to this rumor, they are not down one major market, Atlanta. According to the hosts of The Breakfast Club this information has not been confirmed. I can not help but wonder why they were dropped and if TBC being dropped from such a major market will start a trend for other to do the same.



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