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Can We Talk About the Woman that Went Viral for Selling Sunflower Seed Soup Concoction?

Jasmine Anderson is a TikToker who goes by the name @Aquariussdream has recently gone viral for promoting and selling what the internet is calling ‘Sunflower Seed Soup‘ but the actual name of her product is ‘Jaz’s Sunflower Seed Sensation’. It’s not completely clear on what the concoction consists of or what’s mixed in the ‘dish’ on her website, but based on the many reviews it seems to be sunflower seeds mixed into pickle juice, seasonings, spices and sliced pickles. It is packaged in a container and she sells it for $25 a pop. Based on her initial promotional video from her TikTok account, that has received over 5.5 million views, you’re supposed to pour the mixture into a bowl and eat it like soup.

Her promotional TikTok video went viral initially for people making fun of the sunflower seed soup. That teasing quickly transitioned into curiosity and people began purchasing her product (oh, the power of the internet). Not only did every day people purchase but the TikTok influencers purchased as well, and they all posted videos reviewing the product of ‘Sunflower Seed Sensation‘ and the reviews weren’t half bad. Some even did Youtube reviews, because what better way to go viral or to continue producing your content than to post about a topic that has already reached viral fame.

TikTokers such as @Nasfromthegram who has over 3 million followers on the app was one of the first influencers to review the product. He posted his review on Youtube and it wasn’t a bad one, he received over 48k views and over 300 comments.

Watch his video below:

After Nas’s video went viral, there were a host of other influencers giving positive reviews on the product. TikToker @Heryshantaqtv who has 354k followers on the app shared her positive opinion of the product. TikToker @Rollitupk has 2.4 million followers and is known for doing reviews on restaurants and products with a comical flare. She offered a positive review of Jasmine’s ‘Sunflower Seed Sensation‘ as well on the app.


🤣 y’all know! Either go to IG, YT, or FB for the whole thang!!! Ion get paid here. I’ll drop it here later #sunflowerseedsoup #rollitupk

♬ original sound – K’ Hood

Jasmine had under 38k followers before her video went viral, she is now at 75k followers on TikTok and is clearly now successful at selling her unique mixture. Has she become rich? Not yet I’m sure but she has the freedom to create her own product and to sell it nationwide without the pressure that comes with working for someone else.

Jasmine Anderson’s story alone shows the power of social media, the power of exposure, the power of believing in yourself and your product, and that there is always room in this world for your ideas to come alive and succeed. To quote Jasmine aka @Aquariussdream ‘… Go ahead and place ya’ll orders, the link is in the bio’.



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