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Happy New Year! It’s Vision Board Season!


Hey Urban Girl,

I hope you enjoyed your holidays , whether you celebrated Christmas, Kwanza or  Hanukkah. I hope it filled you with a lifetime of memories and you enjoyed it with family , friends and loved ones.

With the holidays behind us , and the New Year emerging we are destined for greatness.  This is the time most people draw up their New Years resolution , their body goals, dreams and all that Jazz.  But in less than 3 months many people fall of the band wagon and old habits kick in.

Well sister girl, I am here to tell you that I too fell victim of this cycle. But I found a solution and I hope it helps you.


Pretty girl in white top cheering at camera


When I was first introduced to the idea  of a vision board I questioned ;

How in the heck was a piece of paper with words and pictures gonna help me change my life and choices?

( yes, I was being a negative Nancy)

Back in late August I went for it. I created a small version of a vision board and pasted it in my journal.  I wrote out all the things I wanted to accomplish with positive reinforcement. I didn’t have acces to magazines so, I became creative and wrote inspiring quotes, my short and long term goals in unique ink. I then placed it on the front page so it was often seen, and as time progressed those words of inspiration were remembered and executed.

Fast forward a few months later I completed 4 out of 10 goals.

In a math class I guess that’s 40% right?!

Whomp whomp!

Glad this is real life and not a math class, I am more content that I accomplished  a few of my goals in such a short time span rather than forget and become side tracked.  I may not have  reached them all but I am definitely proud that I am on a path to greatness.

How do I start a vision board Esmay?!

Know that a vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of your dreams, goals, and things that make you happy. Understand that creating  a vision board can be useful to help you conceptualize your goals and serve as a source of motivation as you work towards achieving them.


Please, don’t  feel as though you must limit yourself to creating just one vision board to reflect all of your dreams. You can make as many separate vision boards as you want.

Use whatever positive reinforcement needed to make it stick. In other words if you need to be Mary Jane Paul and have sticky notes around your house so be it, or a poster board near your daily mirror and reflect everyday.

So I challenge you to try it out.

Make it fun and invite a few of your girlfriends over to have a Vision Board Party.

Pull out some old magazines, talk about what you want to achieve and the methods you will use to execute them , grab a glass of wine and go be that GOAL-DIGGER!




Esmay Richmond

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