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Dear John Box! : A Post Divorce/ Breakup Subscription Box

The ‘Dear John Box!’ is the first, black-owned post-divorce, post-breakup subscription box with handpicked self-care products to show your friends a little love. With women in mind, Dear John creates products that make women laugh out loud, feel self-love, and connected to others after a breakup. 

The ‘Dear John Box!’ was founded by a licensed therapist after her own divorce experience. The Dear John The Box! was born about 10 years ago as a divorce support group for women that met in various locations in Atlanta. Since the pandemic, in-person groups became less and less of a possibility and a prompt to deliver a little love via mail became a reality! The subscription boxes include fun recipes, drinks, and journals that can be shared with therapists and loved ones.  

What’s inside: (1) Signature Cocktail Glass and Shaker (5) Tasty Cocktail Mixes (1) Placemat with Engaging Recipes (1) Signature Ex-Related Coffee Mug and Assortment of Gourmet Chocolate and  Seasonally Inspired Treats Retail Valued at $70. Just $45. 

he Shop, The Registry: Dear John The Box also serves as a popular online store offering handpicked post-breakup products for women and it will, excitingly, launch the first gift registry designed exclusively for women after a breakup, divorce, or separation this February! We register for our wedding, our baby shower, and sometimes when we buy a new home – why can’t we register for our breakup too? So many times, women have to start from scratch if there’s a change in living situations. 

The registry offers women who experience a breakup a positive digital space to go to relax while experiencing a crisis and everyday stress. It’s a cozy corner prepped just for them; filled with hundreds of curated items, from kitchenware for a new home to self-love and wellness products. The registry offers what they need when they need it most. The Founder believes many women are too embarrassed or overwhelmed to ask for things they really want or need when starting over. She thinks the registry is a breakthrough opportunity for these women to feel more at ease expressing themselves and, in turn, better their chances of gaining the support they need.

Women can purchase items directly from the site or create a wish list to share with supporters and friends later. The site also offers safety features to keep their registry, personal information private, and other things significant to women in relationship transition.



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