Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti Erase Past to Start a New Future TOGETHER in 2023 | Urban Girl Mag
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Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti Erase Past to Start a New Future TOGETHER in 2023

Rapper/Music Label Owner, Yo Gotti finally got the girl of his dreams. Many of us remember Gotti mentioning Angela in his 2015 song, “DM”. “I got a crush on Angela, Simmons…” Whelp after years of patience Gotti can finally say she’s his girl.

We were all wondering if or when these two were going to make it official. They’ve been spotted around NYC together, Angela made a cameo and was photographed at Yo Gotti mother’s birthday party, and we posted a video of the two on the Urban Girl Mag instagram out in NYC on November 13th 2022 as Angela tried to hide behind Gotti. We saw you girl!

On December 31st 2022 Angela and Yo Gotti erased all previous IG posts, videos and posted two carrousels featuring one another as a clean slate of their future together (additionally Gotti posted news about his label) . They’re obviously starting out 2023 as a couple, professing their love to one another by posting identical couple photos.



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