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How To: Manicure ideas for Valentine’s Day #Nails

Valentine’s day is the most romantic holiday of the year. This is the period of time when every woman wants to look perfect because you don’t know what to expect from your spouse on this day.

A lot of women think that men don’t pay any attention to the details of their look. When we are playing with our curl of hair or softly touch their hands, their world turns upside down.

When you are deciding what Valentine’s Day look to choose, pay attention to the little details like the manicure and pedicure. Because when you are ready from head to toe you are ready to rock this world. Wouldn’t you agree?

The Shades of Love

February 14 is associated with tender feelings and love. Don’t be afraid to venture into colors like scarlet, pink, coral, white, and gold they are the favorites of Valentine’s Day.

The famous Italian designer Valentino Garavani argues that there are about 50 shades of red so that there is room for imagination. The main point of the romantic manicure is to create a romantic mood and to “highlight” the nails with a thematic accent.

Cute accents on the nails

Of course, Valentine’s Day manicure decorations must comply with the spirit of the holiday. It will be best to forget about aggressive and catchy and geometric prints.

Pretty charm – the motto of the day, and one of the best ideas for win-win nails will be heart accents. Here are a few simple examples:

The Hearts

How To:

To achieve the hearts on the nails you’ll begin by drawing two dots and then connecting them to each other with a couple of strokes. Or apply just three dots (two – next one – at the another one at the bottom between the two), then gently even the edges. You can use a special marker for nail art, which, will make drawing much easier.

Holiday Prints

How To:

To create a cute Valentine’s Day nail print you will need two colors of nail polish, one as a base and another for contrast (you can take crisp glitter and glue), and of course adhesive tape.  Use your imagination, make stripes, waves, or hearts for this holidays nails. You can find my best gel nail polish brands picks here.

The other option will be to buy special nail markers. With their help, you can easily create different prints. Here’s a tip: nail markers tend to dry faster than nail polishes.


Accent on the Nail Tips 

How To:

For romantics and those who love a delicate manicure, this option will be just perfect for you. Decorate nail tips with patterns, prints or stickers and your usual one color manicure will be transformed into a Valentine’s Day one.

Also, if you happen to have an almond shaped nail, you’ll be able to can create beautifully heart-shaped nails like the ones below:

Polka Dots for Valentine’s Day

How To:

If you happen to be a little iffy about your manicuring skills this style is definitely for you. You spice up your nail bed using something as simple as polka dots.

With polka dots, you can add a small dot using an accent color at the top of your nail, which will add a little pizzazz to a simple manicure. Or you can fill the space inside the contour and create the shape of a heart.

For the application use a safety pin, with a small ball on the end, or special manicure tools like nail art brushes.

Also, on Valentine’s Day, you can try other original looks. For example, the little cupid arrows are always a hit or the inscription LOVE will look very romantic and will add to the mood. Don’t forget about nail decorations like rhinestones, sequins, delicate butterflies, and flowers. These are the essentials for the original Valentine’s Day manicure.


Romantic manicures for Valentine’s Day will look great on the nails of any length or shape. But there is one requirement for all – the hands must be well-groomed. No hang nails!

If you’d like to skip nail polish altogether, try press on nails.

Let me know what you’ll choose in the comment box below!

Wishing Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.





Nathalie Czar

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    Gorgeous, really wanting to do these for Valentine’s Day! 💕

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