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How Spending V-Day at Home Might be the Best Thing for your Relationship

I overheard my husband make a dinner reservation for February 14th a few nights ago. I smiled to myself as I was cleaning the kitchen.
Then my pessimism kicked in and I thought about how better a $200 evening could be spent and how tired we’d both probably be after work. Again, I smiled to myself. I knew how the coming conversation would play out.
He asked me “Want to know where we’re going?” to which i replied “Nah. I’ll be surprised.” My mind kept swirling as I filled the dishwasher.
Five minutes later I gently told my husband that it was sweet of him to make dinner reservations but that on a Tuesday night we’d probably both better enjoy a night at home. He looked relieved and agreed. 🙂
We went on to laugh about how we’d both be tired, scrambling to get dressed up, the cliche Valentine’s Day crowds, and the simple unnecessary desire to have to do something on the actual 14th.

Years ago I would have been crunched if I didn’t receive flowers, a card, and a reservation. Those days are long gone. While we still shower each other with thoughtful gestures throughout the year (gifts and weekends to steal away), holidays are no longer waited so heavily.
As a team you look out for each other’s best interests. It’s in the best interest of our household to make sure this old married couple (only 4.5 years in and still in our 20’s LoL) does what works best for us. We’ve decided that what works best for us is to invest in things we really want. Like the mattress topper and duvet cover I’ve been eyeing for months. I’m determined to give my bed the luxury hotel feel! (Sleep seems to be a recurring theme–I didn’t realize how much we like to rest). Sometimes the unconventional plans bring us the most joy.

Of course hubby gets all the good, extra special loving on the holidays. What’s a comfy bed without somebody to mess it up with… 🙈

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all readers! Don’t get hung up on the “the must dos” and indulge in the “DO YOU”! We’ll be enjoying each other, in a comfy bed, probably with take out, and the newest episode of THIS IS US on the television. Do you have plans? What are they? Comment below!



Brianna Horne

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