The Nation’s First Black-Owned Alcohol Delivery Company Launches New Mobile Delivery App! | Urban Girl Mag
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The Nation’s First Black-Owned Alcohol Delivery Company Launches New Mobile Delivery App!

A group of HBCU grads developed an innovative way to deliver beverages while attending Clark Atlanta University. In early 2011, prior to delivery services being popular, Navarr Grevious and his fraternity brother, Mikáel Pyles, came up with the idea for QuikLiq—a game-changing service that would make ordering alcohol as easy and convenient as ordering a pizza. During the pandemic, the QuikLiq brand took off and is now excited to make history as the Nation’s first black-owned alcohol delivery company.  This week, the brand is officially announcing the launch of their new QuikLiq Mobile Delivery App.

The launch of the mobile app strives to be the solution to customers who would like to order their favorite alcoholic beverages in various locations. QuikLiq also works closely with alcohol retailers who have lacked a strong digital presence by helping them connect with a wider array of customers.

The QuikLiq main customer-facing app will facilitate on-demand delivery-available on iOS and Android. The app will use secure payment solutions via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Square, and other secure card processing solutions. Customers will be able to create profiles that store past orders and credit card information for an easier shopping experience. Additionally, QuikLiq is in the works of developing an Inventory Management App that will optimize product inventory updates and streamline order fulfillment for it’s alcohol retail partners.

“Through best-in-class customer service and tech-fueled innovation, we will revolutionize the alcohol industry – creating a one-stop digital marketplace that sets the bar for responsible consumption.”-QuikLiq. DoorDash has also been announced as one of QuikLiq’s national delivery partners, which will allow the company to scale quickly and accelerate its expansion into more regions and territories.

QuikLiq is currently servicing the entire Miami Beach area but is set to launch in West Florida and Atlanta, GA during the 1st quarter of 2022. Their traction and market share has grown rapidly, which has led to QuikLiq being featured in Black Enterprise, The Miami Times, South Florida Business Journal and many other notable media outlets.



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