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18 Year Old Nia Wilson was Stabbed to Death in Random Attack

18 year old Nia Wilson was killed by a throat slitting on Sunday night by 27 year old John Cowell. The young lady was at the MacArthur BART train station in Oakland. Cowell attacked Nia and her sister Letifah. Nia’s throat was slit which lead to her death, her sister was left in stable condition.

People are assuming that Cowell’s motive was racism. Using video footage and witnesses authorities arrested John Cowell Monday night just one day after the murder.



Nia’s sister Letifah was quoted saying “I looked back, and he was wiping off his knife and stood at the stairs and just looked — and from there on, I was just caring for my sister. I was in shock. … I didn’t know I was cut because I was paying more attention to my sister. But he just stood there, like it was nothing.”



Authorities are still at a lost as far as motivation behind the attack, they are not counting out racism.



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