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Killer of School Shooting Identified

San Bernardino, CA- Yesterday morning at around 10:30 am at North Park Elementary School Cedric Anderson who was the husband of a special education teacher named Karen Elaine Smith walked into the school and killed his wife and then turned the gun on himself. Anderson’s bullets struck 2 students, one is still in the hospital and the other 8 year old Jonathan died due to his injuries.

“Without saying anything, armed with a large-caliber revolver, he opened fire on his wife,” Burguan said in an interview with the San Bernardino Sun. “She was killed in the exchange.”

The 2 have been separated for about 2 weeks prior to this incident.



North Park Elementary School will be closed for the next 2 days and is offering counseling to the students who were affected.

Details are still emerging in the case of the school shooting.



**Embargo: Los Angeles, CA**
California authorities have responded to a report of a shooting in a San Bernardino school classroom on Monday, April 10, 2017, officials said.



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