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In the Cases of the Missing Girls in Washington D.C. Here’s What we Know

A large number of teenagers in our nation’s capital have mysteriously gone missing. Part of the reason this case is unique is because according to the Black and Missing Foundation, the majority of the time when African American teens go missing they’re classified as a runaway and not a missing person and no Amber Alert is ever sent out to notify the public. Here’s what we know about the missing teenagers in Washington D.C:


  • They’re not all girls there are some teenage African american boys who went missing as well


  • More than a dozen of the teens are missing in D.C. and started to raise concerns in early February 2017


  • African american law makers are calling on the F.B.I to get involved in the investigation of this case


  • According to police this number of missing teens is not an increase over previous years. 


  • Most missing people in Washington D.C. are found


  • Washington D.C.’s mayor has not found any connection to these missing persons and human trafficking


  • There are an estimated 34 missing teens between the ages of 11-17


Here’s what you can do to help:


Help to spread the word.

Stay on the look out for these missing teenagers and if you spot one of them tell the authorities. Here’s a website with more information on missing persons in the Washington D.C. area




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