ISU Nursing Student Records Herself Saying “Black People Can’t Be Country… They Were Sold for Money” | Urban Girl Mag
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ISU Nursing Student Records Herself Saying “Black People Can’t Be Country… They Were Sold for Money”

An alleged Indiana State University nursing student, Asa Blanton seems to be highly upset over Beyoncé releasing her Country Music album, Cowboy Carter. So much so that she took to social media to inform the public that “If you’re black you can’t be country.” The nursing student proceeded to say “You were picking [cotton] you weren’t selling it you weren’t making money… You were being sold for money.”

The video has since gone viral and the public is calling for her to be expelled from her college of Indiana Sate University. Social media commenters are stating the reason she should be expelled is due to racial bias, one social media commenter as a nursing student she poses a threat to her future patients because she’s racist. This racist toned video caught the attention of the President of ISU, Dr. Deborah J. Curtis.

Curtis released a statement in response saying “…Upon learning that a racist video from an Indiana State University student was posted online, we immediately worked with the Vice President for Student Affairs to identify the student, communicate directly with the student leaders, and strategize how to prioritize student well-being and safety.” The statement went on to say, “This video impacts the entire campus community, but deeply affects students from marginalized groups. Make no mistake – we hear you. We see you. We support you. We have been and will continue to work for you… As this semester ends, please know that your well-being an academic success as a student are of the utmost importance to us.”

There hasn’t been an update released to the public on the type of repercussions Blanton will face as a disciplinary measure on behalf of the university. Scroll below to read Curtis’s full response statement and continue scrolling to watch Asa Blanton’s racially fueled video response allegedly to Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter.


Beyoncè’s Cowboy Carter has folks losing their minds and possibly their nursing degrees. An Indiana State University Nursing Student, Asa Blanton was recorded saying Black People Can’t Be Country and Proceeded to Say Black People Were Picking Cotton and Getting Sold for Money. #beyonce #cowboycarter #asablanton

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