Beyonce Shows Off Long Natural Hair While Using Her New Line of Hair Care Products | Urban Girl Mag
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Beyonce Shows Off Long Natural Hair While Using Her New Line of Hair Care Products

In a recent post to social media Beyonce shows off her long natural hair and personality in new video of her narrating her wash day routine. Beyonce’e hair care line, Cecred has been on the market since February 2024 and the Queen has finally given us an exclusive look at her using the products. She takes us through a step by step process of her washing, conditioning, blow drying and curling her hair. Beyonce’s stylist repeatedly parts through her luscious blonde hair to prove this hair grew from her scalp, no trickery or wigs are at play. In her voiceover Beyonce says “There’s a misperception that people who wear wigs don’t have long, healthy hair. That’s some bush*t.”

Watch the full video below.


Beyoncè Shows personality in her voiceover and video about her Long Natural Hair Using her Hair Care Products, Cècred. Says The Stigma and Misperception is That People Who Wear Wigs Don’t Have Long and Healthy Hair, Says “Thats Some Bullsh*t”. Beyonce naturally has inches, she extensively parts through her hair repeatedly to show and prove that her hair grew from her scalp, no tracks, no wigs. Beyonce’s hair is natural and she admits the only “processing” her hair goes through is her blonde dye. #beyonce #cecred

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