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Meet 4 Women Leaders of the NAACP who are Bringing About Change

We’re continuing to celebrate Women’s History month by recognizing the accomplishments of these 4 women, who are leading strides in the NAACP.


Jackie Patterson’s department (Environmental Justice & Climate Change)   is currently working on a report that presents the findings of many African Americans or people of color who have fallen victim  to high cost utility bills from private companies and have ran the risk of being out in the cold. Environmental injustice is about people in Detroit, Ohio, Chicago, Memphis, Kansas City, and elsewhere who have died and others who are chronically ill due to exposure to toxins from coal fired power plants and other toxic facilities. Climate change is about the increase in the severity of storms which means that storms like Sandy and Isaac, which devastated communities from Boston to Biloxi, will become more of the norm. our sisters and brothers in the Bahamas, as well as Inuit communities in Kivalina, Alaska, and communities in Thibodaux, Louisiana and beyond, who will be losing their homes to rising sea levels in the coming few years.

Dr. Marjorie Innocent’s department (Health) has been instrumental in assisting in the flint water crisis.  Also, The Black Church & HIV: The Social Justice Imperative: In the United States, the Black community bears the greatest burden of the HIV epidemic, more than any other racial or ethnic group. While African Americans represent just 12% of the total population, they account for 41% of all people living with HIV and 44% of all new infections. In fact, if Black America were its own country, it would rank 16th in the world for new HIV infections – ahead of Ethiopia, Botswana and Haiti. Today, the HIV epidemic is one of the most pressing health issues facing the Black community.

Ngozi’s department (Criminal Justice) Ban the Box promotes employers to not ask about arrest history and to remove the question about criminal history from the initial job application forms and to ask the question about criminal history only in instances where it relates to the job in question. Instead, the question about criminal history would be asked during the face-to-face interview or after a conditional job offer has been made to the applicant contingent upon the criminal background check.

Paula Brown Edme (Field Operations) Oversees  the NAACP’s over 2,000 member units across the country in states, cities, military bases, colleges and universities and high schools.  Everything from Branch Election dates and manuals, unit reporting forms, NAACP bylaws and constitution, membership forms, direct action legal request forms and training materials



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