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Popeyes Employee Quits by Remixing Big Pun’s Record

Missouri man quits his job in epic fashion. Cedric Workruff walked in to a Popeyes franchise where he ‘worked’ and quit. But not the generic way of handing in a resignation letter, or by a simple verbal conversation. Workruff walked in with his cousin Summers Marco behind him video tapping him as he turned on the instrumental of Big Pun’s ‘I don’t wanna be a player no more’ and remixed the lyrics over a microphone.



The remixed lyrics went something like ‘I don’t really wanna work here no more and ima tell that ya’ll be dropping chicken on the floor…”


His video racked up over 1 million views on Facebook and twitter. The irony is that Workruff was never an employee at the franchise chicken restaurant. He just thought the video would be funny, and that it was. Watch the full video below:





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