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Prince Harry Named in Diddy Lawsuit, But Not For What You Think

As if the Diddy news can not get any more surprising. In the $30million lawsuit filed against the hip hop mogul by his ex-employee Rodney Jones, the producer claims Diddy would use the popularity of people like Prince Harry to help draw in victims of his sex trafficking ring.

Rodney Jones, who says he was groped, harassed and threatened by Combs, says in the lawsuit which was first filed in February that Diddy’s co-defendants were rewarded “for participating in and facilitating Combs’ sex trafficking venture” by getting “affiliation and access to Mr. Combs’ popularity.” Jones says: “Mr. Combs was known for throwing the ‘best’ parties. Affiliation with, and or sponsorship of Mr. Combs’ sex-trafficking parties garnered legitimacy and access to celebrities such as famous athletes, political figures, artists, musicians and international dignitaries like British royal, Prince Harry.”

Jones mentioned Harry as an individual who partied with Diddy in the past. Diddy posing in photos helped to created a sense of legitimacy to participants around his illegal activities.

Although there are no implications of wrong doing on Prince Harry’s behalf, having his name mentioned in the suit does not reflect well especially since Diddy is allegedly under a federal investigation.



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