Rapper Y.K. Osiris and Actor Bryshere Gray Are Allegedly Planning to Sue Diddy for Sexual Assault | Urban Girl Mag
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Rapper Y.K. Osiris and Actor Bryshere Gray Are Allegedly Planning to Sue Diddy for Sexual Assault

The sexual assault reports have not slowed down against embattled Hip Hop mogul, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. According to a blind item, allegedly Rapper Y.k. Osiris and Actor Bryshere Gray are both planning to sue Diddy for sexual assault.

Although this alleged lawsuit has not yet been published in the media, it is rumored that both young men were taken advantage of by Diddy. Rapper Y.k. Osiris was rumored to have been romantically connected to Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs in the past following social media posts of the two on vacation together in Jamaica in 2021. While on the breakfast Club, Y.K. attempted to shut own the rumors by denying the Diddy ‘boy toy’ allegations.

Rumors are now swirling that he was indeed a sexual relationship with Diddy but the exchange was not mutual and that he was violated during their encounters. Rapper Y.K. Osiris experienced financial hardship following the release of his first album and after being cut from his record deal with Def Jam Recordings, and saw Diddy as someone who could help his career make an upturn. He allegedly found himself in an unwanted sexual exchange with the mogul shortly after meeting him.

The second blind item that has been swirling on TikTok alleges that Actor/Music Artist Bryshere Gray was sexually assaulted by both Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Will Smith. Gray’s allegations states that Smith and Combs forced him into freak off sessions (similar to the ones with Cassie) with both men against his will. Early on in his career and in previous interviews you can hear Bryshere referring to Diddy and Smith as his mentors. It is now believed that both men were sexually assaulting Bryshere under the guise of mentorship. After cutting off his sexual relationship with both men Bryshere felt as if he was blackballed from the music industry and Hollywood. It is not difficult to see how things swiftly changed for the artist/actor suddenly following the ending of the popular series, Empire. Many have tried to understand what was going wrong with Gray’s career and why it took a downward spiral, with two powerful men in his corner. This alleged lawsuit might be the explanation many have been looking for.

It is now being circulated on social media and the internet as a whole that Bryshere is allegedly planning to sue both Diddy and Smith for $50 Million. Nothing has been officially released to the media and these claims have not been verified by court documents like Cassie’s lawsuit. These accusation have been circulating after people who were close to Diddy have stated that men will begin to speak out about the assault they’ve experienced at the hands of Diddy. Only time will tell if this is all true.



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