Sasha Beatty Redirects her Career in Nursing to Start her Own Infusion Practice | Urban Girl Mag
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Sasha Beatty Redirects her Career in Nursing to Start her Own Infusion Practice

Nurse practitioner Sasha N. Beatty launched IVY Infusions with the goal of providing convenient, effective preventative wellness services, and her patients agree that Beatty continues to do just that. IVY Infusions is located in the heart of Greenwich, offering the height of premier service in aesthetic and wellness services centering around IV infusions. Beatty has worked in the community for a number of years in various levels of nursing. She cites that among the chief complaints of her patients are fatigue and exhaustion, two things she says can be combated with IV therapy and more. At IVY Infusions, patients can also take advantage of vitamin infusions, NAD+ infusions, oxygen therapy, Botox, fillers, PDOthread lifts, and PRP. Beatty has several specialty areas, including helping patients recover from the long-term effects of COVID-19, weight loss, and wellness plans for athletes. 

Her clients love her professionalism and expertise so much, they often ask her to travel for house calls and even out-of-state – sometimes to exotic islands. Beatty has received wonderful reviews from her patients, and she is genuinely appreciative for each and every one. She invests her time and knowledge into eachpatient, carefully assessing their needs and assisting with a strategy that infuses her leading-edge services. Beatty is an award-winning board-certified advanced practice provider with 15+ years of clinical experience. She decided to transition into aesthetics and wellness to help her patients care for themselves from the inside out, and, due to the success of her flagship clinic, Beatty will soon launch a second clinic. Outside of IVY Infusions, Beatty gives back to the community through charitable donations as well as mentorship. IVY Infusions is currently accepting new patients and offers a variety of payment options to help people feel their best at a more affordable price. Convenient online bookingand telehealth options are available. More information can be found at 



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