Is A Vogue Cover Featuring Nicki and Lil’ Kim Long Overdue? Nicki Say YES! | Urban Girl Mag
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Is A Vogue Cover Featuring Nicki and Lil’ Kim Long Overdue? Nicki Say YES!

In a recent interview with Joe Budden, Rapper Nicki Minaj said, “…the same way I feel I should’ve been on the cover of American Vogue, so should Lil’ Kim. If we’re being all the way 1,000”.

This compliment or endorsement of Kim, coming from Nicki is a huge step and show’s Nicki’s sudden maturity towards the rap icon. If you’re a fan of hip hop then you are aware of Nicki’s disdain for the Brooklyn born rapper. The two publicly beefed for years and Nicki often showed no remorse and never apologized. Seeing this advancement in Nicki’s feelings towards Kim is a promising moment in the rap genre, maybe we’ll get a joint record from the two. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but Lil’ Kim has been so impactful in fashion that til this day women everywhere have Lil’Kim themed parties as a result of Kim’s endless assortment of stand out iconic looks throughout the years of her rap career. Remember in 2017 Beyonce dressed as Kim for Halloween, and if you search youtube you’ll find endless videos of women giving tutorials on how to dress as Lil Kim. The only Female rapper to grace the cover of American Vogue magazine was Cardi b, and compared to Kim and Nicki she’s a newcomer.

Cardib 2019 Vogue Cover

Let’s take a look back on some of Kim’s iconic fashion looks over the years.

Ladies Night Video Shoot 1997
Crush on You Video Shoot 1997
Crush on You Video Shoot 1997
Lil’ Kim Met Gala 1999

A Vogue Cover Would Only be Fair ATP!



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