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Review: Novex Styling Heat Protectant Spray

The Brazilian hair care brand Novex has a styling heat protectant spray that promises to keep your hair safe from the harsh heat associated with straightening your hair.

I had a chance to try out the product on my natural hair. My hair is thickly coiled and I wear it natural 95% of the time, I rarely straighten my hair. This product does contain Keratin protein which is naturally found in the hair and skin. This added protein is expected to help to further protect your hair in the straightening process and it also helps to stop humidity from making your straight revert back to its curly state; at least until the keratin wears off.

I parted a small section of my hair and sprayed the heat protectant in my hand, then smoothed it through my hair. To my surprise it had a thick, and creamy consistency similar to conditioner. I was expecting it to be watery and light weight but it wasn’t. I coated a small section of my hair with the spray. I then proceeded to flat iron my hair. As I ran the flat iron through my hair I could see smoke and hear my hair sizzling, but it took about 10 runs before my hair was flattened; not too straight. I didn’t want to completely straighten my hair, instead I intended to stretch out the curl pattern. That is exactly what happened. I would suggest continuing to run the flat iron through if you have thick coily hair and is desiring a straightened look.


My overall experience with the product was pretty good. I would say it is a great consistency since the spray is thick it coats the hair well. I didn’t feel as if my hair was burning during the straightening process at all. I would suggest the use of this product on someone who prefers straightened hair and is looking for a conditioner like product that would coat their hair well in the straightening process. I would also suggest this on someone who wear bundle hair and wigs and wants to preserve the quality of the hair while straightening. Overall I would use again in combination with other products as well . You can find this and all Novex products at ULTA Beauty stores.

Photos of the outcome below :







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