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5 Protective Hair Styles Perfect for the Winter

Crochet braids/hair 

Janet Hair provides great pre-braided and -pre twisted crochet hair. This hair is great for those winter protective styles. Your natural hair is corn braided underneath the crocheted hair and is not exposed at all. 

Image result for janet crochet hair


Image result for janet crochet hair



Sew in

Sew-ins  offer great protection as your natural hair is braided beneath your weave. It is best to purchase human bundles this will be the highest quality which will provide the highest level of comfort as the hair will be close to your skin and against your scalp for an extended period of time.


Image result for sew in

Image result for sew in




Of course cornrows provide a great deal of protection. Your natural hair is braided to your scalp and weaved in with added hair (synthetic or human hair). If you choose to only wear cornrows using your natural hair without the addition of weave this is also an option.

Image result for cornrows


Image result for cornrows


Box Braids 

Box braids provide a great amount of natural hair protection. Your hair is braided within the synthetic or human hair and little hair is exposed to the elements.


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Image result for box braids

Goddess Faux locs

Goddess faux locs offer a great deal of protection because your natural hair is literally braided and then wrapped with weave around the braids. We’ve seen Meagan Good rock these so well last year! K. Michelle has been wearing them lately as well. 

Image result for meagan good goddess faux locs











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