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Review: Tahiry Jose’s Color Club Heat Index Nail Polish


I’m sure you are aware by now that model and Love and Hip Hop New York star Tahiry Jose is the face of the nail polish brand the Color Club.

The Color Club has introduced a new line of polishes called The Heat Index.

The line the Heat Index by the Color Club features an array of nail polish hues that change colors based on the temperature of your nail bed.

I had a chance to test out 4 of the Color Club’s Heat Index nail polishes. The four I tried were Belly Flop, It’s a Sauna Out, I’m Not a Temp, and Sun-Kissed. After polishing my nails I was able to see the change in nail color take place, especially on the “Belly Flop” polished nail. That one was the most noticeable.


I would say the best time to notice the color change is after washing your hands and/or during warm temperatures. If your hands are cold the nails will stay the one primary color. There’s a cool sticker on the front of the nail polish bottle which indicates the 2 different nail polish shades your nails will possibly change to.


I would also suggest polishing your nails more than one coat. In the images below I only did one coat of polish on my nails so the color is a little sheer.  These nail polishes run about $10 per bottle. You can find them on the Color Club’s website at 



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