If You Missed the Urban Guy Snap Chat Takeover last Week, You Missed ALOT! | Urban Girl Mag
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If You Missed the Urban Guy Snap Chat Takeover last Week, You Missed ALOT!

Last week the Urban Girl Mag’s snap chat account was occupied by creative Urban men from different walks of life. Each man took over the snap chat account for one full day, as a way to not only take us through his day but to share advice on what it is that he does, advice on dating, and much more. Shair took us to his boxing class, DP Jolly took us to his Washington D.C. based photo shoot, Kevin took us through his day as a high school educator and more.



If you missed a day watching their stories on snap chat then you missed a lot! You’re in luck this week because wellness coach Sahir will be back on Wednesday by special request. If you didn’t get a chance to see each guy check them out below to get a gist of what their specialty is.


The week of the Urban Guy Takeovers was sponsored by Beard Guard, one lucky winner will have a chance to win one! Go watch the Urban Girl Mag snap chat stories for your chance to win NOW!


The Urban Girl Mag snap chat handle is : @Urbangirlmag






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