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Livin’ Afro Latina Loca: Amara La Negra Rises to the Top


“Look up! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Amara La Negra!

The 27-year old star is Florida born and raised and isn’t shy in the music and dancing game.  Born Dana Danelys De Los Santos, the Afro-Latina started out as a child performer and personality for the television show called Univision’s Sabado Gigante which she entertained for six years. As a consistent child performer on the weekly show, it made La Negra a prominent  child artist in the Latin community.    Like other kids who had a social life playing outside with friends, she never learned how to swim nor riding a bike; her number one goal was to make sure her career was in order.  La Negra continued touring in Latin America as a dancer, singer and actress.  Her mother Ana Maria Oleaga sometimes had to work five jobs just to make sure she supported her daughter’s dream.  What a real supporter!


Breaking Into the Music Business: The start of her Music Career

The young queen was unsigned for three years according to, but continued releasing new music and in 2015, La Negra broke into the American music stream market with her song “Asi”  Some of her earlier singles include “Ayy,” What a Bam Bam”, “Se Que Soy,” “Whine,” and others which can be found on Itunes Apple Music.  She became a professional singer by the age of 15-16 and in 2013, the single “Ayy” was considered a big hit.


Photo Credit by Latina Magazine


Singed, Sealed and Delivered!

January of 2018, La Negra made her big break and signed to her first record label; BMG Entertainment which includes her first single “Insecure” that dropped Monday.  It is available for download on Itunes all over.  In fact, the song made it to the Top 10 on the Pop charts and #25 on Itunes.


Reality Television Star: Love N Hip Hop Miami

The new season of Love N Hip Hop Miami was very interesting because it had a cast from a similar diversity sense.  The fact that Mona took it upon herself to create a new franchise cast in Miami; all new everything.  Everyone’s story line was great, but not as great as Amara’s.  Because of her flawless skin, big Afro and strong accent, she was the most humble on the show until the drama heated up.  If you know Amara, then you know she doesn’t get physical, but on this season, there were two individuals that stirred up the colorism pot and made her hair sort of big deal.  Young Hollywood and Veronica would not let the “Afro hair” go and it didn’t make things better either.  But the young Afro Latina stood her ground and spoke nothing but the truth even through all the ignorance and shade being thrown.  There was only one cast mate that stood up for her and held her down and that was JoJo.  You go girl! La Negra did apologized earlier to her fans for getting physical on a scene of Love N Hip Hop.  Now that shows true heart!  A real heart who is genuine and true her fans and supporters.


No Color Make Over is Ever Necessary!

La Negra has been on the ups and downs of colorism for awhile and even though ignorance still has its place in America, it has began to show its ugly face for the worst.  La Negra’s dark complexion and Afro may have some people wondering what is she really and truth be told, she is a Dominican American who is also Afro Latina trying to achieve her goals in the music industry.

“My hair is apart of me, it’s not who I am,” said La Negra during an interview for Love N Hip Hop Miami.  


You shouldn’t change the way you look because someone else wants you to, but because you want to and that is definitely what La Negra is doing.  Whether she is rocking her big Afro, braids or even a wig, she is still Amara La Negra no matter what.


To Infinity and Beyond!: The Future is Yours!


Whether it is acting, dancing or singing, La Negra is making her mark on the pop charts and this is only the beginning.  Recently being on the front cover of Latina Magazine, she is planning to start her own shoe line and baby doll line in the future.  I cannot wait to see what else God has in store for this beautiful soul.  Check out her new single Insecure which is now on Itunes.


Written by Patrice Rivers 





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