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Derrick Jaxon’s Ex-Wife Speaks Out About Their Toxic Marriage

As we all know relationship guru, Derrick Jaxon recently filed for divorce from his wife, Da’Naia. But, so far we’ve only heard one side of the story, Derick’s side.

Da’Naia has broken her silence recently when she spoke in detail about her toxic on again, off again relationship/marriage with ex-husband, Derrick Jackson. The two have been off and on since they were 19 and met on the campus of Tuskegee University. Da’Naia played in the marching band while Derrick played football, a match made in HBCU heaven, or so Da’Naia initially thought. In this interview Da’Naia revealed she was a victim of rape 3 months before meeting her now ex-husband, their relationship started as a situationship, and she had three abortions before giving birth to the three children they share together. Da’Naia even shared why she went online speaking about the ‘helmet of salvation‘ after finding out about Derrick’s multiple acts of infidelity.



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