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Relationship Guru, Derrick Jaxn Gets Caught in Lie

So I’m sure you’re aware of who the social media based relationship guru, Derrick Jaxn is. He has built his brand on basically telling men what they’re doing wrong and making black women understand what should and shouldn’t be acceptable in a relationship. He has written a number of books on love and relationships. He has also created a line of merchandise adorned with the phrase “Black Men Don’t Cheat”, made widely popular by radio host, and author Charlamagne the God, from NYC’s Power 105.1.



Here’s where his foundation of educating folks on relationship success gets shaky. Youtube based gossip blogger, Tasha K (Unwine with Tasha K) revealed a scandal this week that involved the guru. Apparently two women have come forth with receipts of Derrick’s infidelity. Both young women provided text messages, videos and a chronological account of their conversations.



Derrick has since addressed these allegations via his facebook page. Onlookers are more so interested in his wife’s stance. Although she did give her input on the situation, social media commentators seem to think his wife, Da’Nia Jackson may of been coerced into sticking by her man.





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