Interview with Latasha Williams Curator of the Blog The Onyx Crown Co. | Urban Girl Mag
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Interview with Latasha Williams Curator of the Blog The Onyx Crown Co.

Latasha Williams is the curator of The Onyx Crown Co. Her company is a blog devoted to sharing stories of women of color from around the world. Her blog brings Afro women together in an effort to bringĀ about change.


The Onyx Crown Co. is curating an event next week entitledĀ Orchid Affections. Read my interview below with Latasha Williams the founder of the blog Onyx Crown Co. as she explains what Orchid Affections is and she also explains her blog the OCC.



What is Onyx Crown Co.?
Onyx Crown Co. (OCC) is a growing organization committed to the solution of the Black community. We assist women in driving home their desire for social reform by way of planning and organization as well as executing those plans. The focal issues we are currently concentrating on are: image, economics, thought/education, healthy eating, and others. Though these are broad areas however it is your PASSION that will size-down that area to a workable component. Where we are naturally a motivated people, we are also an activated people. It is our WORK that has built this country, and, well, “somehow” got neglected but now it is time our WORK build our own communities.


What is Orchid Affections?

Orchid Affections was created as an all-call for women to come, network, and get their place on board of what will be a national growing organization. It’s an event where if you’re interested in improving for example education, there are more ways to do that. We may come together and plan for a book group or club as well as begin an initiative for a type of legislation to present to congress. We each have these little passions that are locked inside of us. But what I’ve realized is those little passions are called societal resolutions. That’s what this is. Bring that passion, unlock it and then you will have a team of women supporting you to bring it to life.


What inspired you to do the Brooklyn Nets game as the venue?

I’m inspired to step ALLL THE WAY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. We will never get different results doing the same things repeatedly. Basketball is a team activity, where a group comes together, work together, they each may foul, they each assist, and then there are others who aren’t in the game but they’re a major part of the team. They all have the same focus, some are better players than others but none of that matters because we are all on the same TEAM and the object of the game is score to win. Notice, I said SCORE to win. As Black women, we are all on the team together, can and will the team ever win if there is only one person playing? We have to attempt at doing/activating on our part or we will NEVER score moreless win.


How can women get involved in future Onyx Crown Co. and Orchid Affections events?
We can set up a meeting to get your focus pin-point sharp. Then work to get a program off-the-ground to support it. I will be hosting more events to come however in the meantime if you would like to set up a meeting with me please call me at 910.262.2441, on Instagram at OnyxCrownCo, or on FB at LaTasha R. Williams.



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