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A Few Beauty Products to Try this Spring

Spring is here! And what better way to enjoy the warm east coat weather than to experiment with new beauty products. Here at UGMag we have a few new products on our radar we’re trying out this season. Take a look below and maybe you’d be interested.


Ultimate Moroccan Argan Oil hair products. These hair products smell amazing and are great for natural or processed hair. You can find our more on their website ultimatearganoil.com



Body and hair products from Born Natural No. 7. These products are literally made in the kitchen with all natural products and they smell awesome. You can learn more about their products on their website bornnaturalno7.com


Hair gummies anyone? I’ve personally never tried or monitored the progress of hair growth while of taking hair vitamins but many swear by using vitamins to boost hair growth. I did try one and the flavor literally taste like I was eating one of my daughter’s fruit snacks.┬áIf eating vitamins means having a piece of guilt free candy each day why not? You can learn more about this product and how it works on their website nouritress.com



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